OneDropZenDublin is a Rinzai Zen meditation group set up in July 2017 by TokuJū-John Lyons and  Soko-BethOHalloran. Both are students of Shodo Harada, Roshi, one of whom lived in Sogenji Monastery, Japan, for three years and the other, who since January 2015 has regularly attended week long sesshins at Hokuozan Sogenji Monastery,Germany. Harada Roshi is Abbot of Sogenji and leads week long Sesshins, four times a year at Hokuozan Sogenji Monastery, Germany.

Rinzai Zen Dublin meet every Monday Evening at 15 Heytesbury St., Dublin 8, from 20:15–21:45 and generally every second Saturday afternoon at 15 Heytesbury St. D8 at 2 pm. for two to three hours.

Please click Here to visit OneDropZenDublin Meetup page.  Here you will see dates and times of meetings confirmed. To view OneDropZenDublin facebook page please click facebook

We also sit one Saturday Morning a month at Heytesbury St, please check OneDropZenDublin Meetup page or message 086 8871938 for exact details.



OneDropZenDublin is affiliated with Hokuozan Sogenji and the One Drop Zen community. To find out more about Shodo Harada Roshi and One Drop Zen, please click here.


Schedule for the evening:

Sutra: Hakuin’s Song of Zazen
Zazen (sitting meditation): 25 minutes
Kinhin (walking meditation)
Zazen: 25 minutes
Tea and a chance to talk a little

All are welcome. Newcomers who feel they need some instruction, please arrive at 8:15pm.

Please wear dark, comfortable clothes if possible, suitable for sitting.

The suggested donation is €5 per person, to cover costs of room rental.

For enquiries about OneDropZenZen Dublin please email, fill out the contact form on our website, send a message to our Facebook page, or contact John at 086 887 1938.

The following video features Shodo Harada Roshi, giving a comprehensive introduction to Zen practice. (To turn on the English subtitles, please click the CC button):